Why Think Differently?

When seeking change it is important to know that not all change is created equally. Changing thoughts can be helpful while changing thought process changes everything. Borrowing from a New Testament concept, Thinking Differently refers to finding a higher order of thought.

Thinking Differently is the first step to lasting and meaningful change. Our Founder, Bob Hamp, has spent the last two decades developing the Think Differently model. This model has been implemented by people worldwide helping thousands find freedom.

Freedom, from this perspective, is not simply about getting free from problems, it is about realizing your intended identity and destiny.

Are you ready to Think Differently?

Professional Counseling Services

Our team of licensed counselors represents a variety of theory bases and is unified around the philosophy and concept of Freedom as taught and practiced by Jesus in the New Testament. We offer counseling for Marriage, Families, Adolescents, and Individuals.

Teaching and Training Opportunities

Our events cover a variety of topics including freedom for individuals, tools for healthy relationships as well as ministry training and development. Our formats include classroom instruction, hands-on training, and interactive group experiences. Some of our training events offer CEUs for Professional Counselors

Think Differently Coaching

Think Differently coaching is a model designed to address specific areas of change in targeted breakthrough sessions. Utilizing the Think Differently Model our coaches can help you maximize your thought life and enhance your capabilities. They can also help you break destructive habits and change negative mental or emotional states.

Personalized Consulting

We offer a consulting model that integrates a systems approach and a Biblical Model of spiritual leadership. This allows you to bring your leadership team to us or invite one of our consultants to visit onsite in order to address a range of issues.  We can help you further your growth as a Kingdom Focused Organization or resolve a variety of organizational issues.

Too Far From Grapevine, Texas?

If you are interested in bringing our team to your location please contact us.

What Our Clients Say

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