Think Differently Counseling Consulting and Connecting is a group of Licensed Counselors and Consultants gathered around a common philosophy. We believe that The Bible gives us instruction, thought process, and worldview that can help re-connect us to God and restore us to God’s original design.

Whether that design is for an individual, a marriage, a family or an organization, our team is dedicated to providing solutions and strategies to help. We want to help you  and those you are in connection with a move closer to effective and powerful functioning and interaction. A variety of services are offered to help bring change and growth to your heart, your home, and your organization.


Professional Counseling Services:

Our team of licensed counselors represents a variety of theory bases but is unified around the philosophy and concept of Freedom as taught and practiced by Jesus in the New Testament. Marriage, Family and Individual counseling are all available.

Teaching and Training Opportunities:

See our training page for details on the various teaching and training opportunities we offer.  We cover a variety of topics from freedom for individuals and relationships through ministry training and development. Our formats include classroom instruction, hands-on training, and interactive group experiences, all designed to grow you as the kind of person you were designed to be.

Professional CEU courses:

Our CEU classes cover a range of clinical issues and always provide an integrative approach between a biblical worldview and clinical excellence.  While we will train on issues ranging from Marriage and Family to Trauma, our classes always integrate a view of Biblical Spirituality and the human soul that is congruent with foundational Christian beliefs.

This class is specifically designed for licensed counselors seeking their CEU’s.

Personalized Consulting:

While we offer a variety of programming to help with your heart, your home or your organization, we also want to offer a response to help in your specific circumstances. We offer a consulting model that integrates a systems approach and a Biblical Model of spiritual leadership. This allows you to bring your leadership team or invite one of our consultants to visit onsite to help you address a range of issues.  We can help you address specific problems or more importantly, further your growth as a Kingdom Focused Organization.